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Colin's Yoga Journey

Every Monday since July 2023, Colin and I have met online, and every week it's one of the highlights of my teaching week! I asked Colin a few questions about what brought him to Yoga and his journey so far, in the hope that it would inspire others. Have a read of what he had to say below 👀

What drew you to Yoga, Colin?

I have considered doing yoga for a number of years as awareness of getting older and training injuries and the need to manage myself away from hard combative training. I tried a few yoga teachers – all were good but just something was missing. Then I came across Danielle, who straight away put me at ease and managed and adapted to my limitations such as hips and hamstrings, both being extremely tight and generally not being very flexible. Danielle's understanding, deep knowledge, and infectious personality have made me stay training.

Man doing yoga reverse warrior
"Another great yoga session with Danielle going through different breath works and fantastic relaxing stretches, feeling nice and chilled."

How has Yoga impacted your life?

Yoga has been a big part of my life since the first couple of months of training. The more I have trained in yoga, the more it has become a part of my everyday life. After every martial arts session, I will always finish with a yoga routine. Over the years, I have suffered with lower back pain but now that is something I don’t suffer from – and that is down to yoga. From the breath work that can easily be transferred into my martial arts training and a better understanding of it, to the times when I need 5 minutes of deep relaxation centring myself and coming back to the breath work – yoga has become an invaluable part of my life. It has greatly aided me in grappling arts with improved hip flexibility.

Man doing yoga standing pigeon
"Another fantastic yoga session with Danielle, face to face and online, concentrating on balancing postures tonight or falling all over the place – great" fun."

What do you enjoy most about our sessions?

Every session we have is another piece of invaluable knowledge, a constant little bit of improvement in myself. The relaxed feeling after finishing a session, the happiness of seeing how I have improved my breath work and my flexibility – and also it is the great laugh with Danielle that I did not find with other yoga teachers. To me, what makes me improve is the knowledge and the way it is delivered by Danielle.

Men pretending to do yoga warrior 3 laughing
A prime example is “Drunken Warrior”, the better version of Warrior 3 for a night out in London as showcased by Col and pals 😂

We asked my family to do their version of "Drunken Warrior" and they didn't disappoint!

Colin was my first online student, and I’m incredibly grateful to him for trusting in me. He always gives 110% in class and incorporates yoga into his daily practice. His dedication to improving his mobility is inspiring, and his knowledge of martial arts is unparalleled. I especially love when he shares how breathwork or Yogic techniques align with martial arts principles.

Colin is based in London, and I’m in Bristol, so we can’t wait for the day when we get to do an in-person session 🤩.

If you’d like to book your yoga session, please get in touch. ✨


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