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Terms & Conditions


1.1 The following terms constitute a legally binding agreement between Danielle Davis, hereinafter referred to as the "Instructor," and the users of our services, hereinafter referred to as the "Clients."

1.2 The Yoga Services Agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing the provision of yoga instruction services, both in-person and online. By engaging in our services, clients agree to abide by the terms outlined in the agreement.


2.1 Clients are required to disclose all relevant health and medical information to Danielle Davis.

2.2 There is no guarantee of obtaining specific results from yoga sessions.

2.3 Testimonials on the website are not guaranteed outcomes, and individual results may vary.


3.1 Clients must disclose any health issues, injuries, or medical conditions to Danielle Davis.

3.2 Clients are responsible for seeking medical advice and clearance before participating in any yoga sessions.


4.1 To the extent permitted by law, Danielle Davis's liability is limited. Clients acknowledge that Danielle Davis is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage suffered during or as a result of the yoga sessions.


5.1 Danielle Davis reserves the right to terminate the contract for non-payment or inappropriate client conduct.


6.1 Danielle Davis is not liable for any unavailability due to reasons beyond her control.


7.1 Both parties agree to keep confidential any information disclosed during the course of the yoga sessions.


8.1 Danielle Davis complies with GDPR and ensures the protection of sensitive and special category data.


9.1 For Online Yoga Classes:

9.1.1 Cancellation and Rescheduling: Participants are allowed to cancel their booking up to 12 hours before the session commencement or reschedule up to one hour before the scheduled start time.


9.1.2 Late Arrival: Participants are urged to join the virtual session punctually. Similar to an in-person class, those arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be able to join the session to avoid disrupting others' experiences.


9.1.3 No-Show Policy: Failure to cancel or reschedule within the specified time frame will be considered a no-show. Frequent no-shows may result in booking restrictions.


9.1.4 Technical Issues (From Our Side): In the event of unforeseen technical difficulties originating from our end and disrupting the session, participants will be offered the option to reschedule or receive a refund.


9.1.5 Waitlist: Clients can join the waitlist only through the Wix members app. If booking from the website, they'll be prompted to download the app. The maximum waitlist capacity is 20, and an open spot will be held for 1 hour.


9.1.6 Confidentiality: Access links and login details are personal and non-transferable. Sharing these details is strictly prohibited.


9.1.7 Virtual Etiquette: Participants are encouraged to mute themselves during the session to minimize background noise. While it is preferred to have cameras on for community building, it is not compulsory.

9.2 For In-Person Sessions:

9.2.1 Cancellation: Clients can cancel up to 48 hours before the start time.

9.2.2 Rescheduling: Clients can reschedule up to 72 hours before the start time.

9.2.3 Cancellation by the Yoga Studio: a. In the event that the yoga studio needs to cancel a scheduled class due to unforeseen circumstances such as instructor unavailability, facility issues, or any other emergencies, participants will be notified as soon as possible. b. The yoga studio will make reasonable efforts to reschedule the canceled class or offer alternative options to affected participants. c. Participants will be fully refunded.

9.2.4 Participant Cancellations: a. If a participant needs to cancel their attendance in a yoga class, they should provide notice to the yoga studio at least 48 hours before the scheduled class time. b. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled class or no-shows will be considered late cancellations. c. Late cancellations or no-shows may result in the participant being charged the full class fee.

9.2.5 Class Rescheduling: a. Participants who provide at least 72 hours' notice for class cancellations may be allowed to reschedule their class to a different date at no cost.


10.1 Danielle Davis reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms.

Thank you for choosing Danielle Davis Yoga for your wellness journey!

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